Break the cycle of the “I can’t have it.” and “ It must be my fault.” mindset and harness that energy to manifest the money, love and health you are striving for!
Worthy $ Wealthy is a transformational 8 week digital course + inner healing experience that will transform your relationship with your money, your ability to receive and your self worth. You will learn the science behind manifestation, 12 Universal Laws, 18 Rules of the subconscious mind and my 7- step signature process that led me to manifest my soulmate and a lump sum of $23,000!

How would you like to change your money mindset, and learn how to manifest on purpose using science +  faith in less than 90 days?

Do you say things like…?


I  just want to have enough money to pay my bills.

No. I can’t afford it.

I’m broke.

That’s too expensive.

That’s how much?! Who do they think they are?

I wish I was so rich I didn’t have to deal with money.

Do you always make purchases based on the cheapest price?


Do you have to say no to things you'd really like to do, have or experience solely because of money?

Do you feel guilty when spending money on yourself?

Are you exhausted from never having enough?


Have you ever made extra money and just when you think you’re going to get ahead, a repair, a bill or doctor visit pops up and takes your extra money? 

Are you feeling bored with life?


Are you done feeling like you’re living the same sh*t, on a different day?


Have you stopped dreaming and wanting things because you think there’s no point?  That you can’t have it anyway, so why even try?

Have you been told you should just be happy with what you have?


If you answered yes to 2 or more of these questions then Worthy $ Wealthy was made for you!

Believe me when I say

If you can visualize it - it can

become your reality!

My mantra used to be “I can’t. I’m broke.” I never had money to splurge. Every time I’d work a 14 hour shift to get ahead, a bill would pop up, or my car would get towed from the plaza. 

At one point I was $16k in debt. I had just broken up with my boyfriend and moved out of our home. I had graduated massage school but was bored AF with my life path.

I had bigger dreams to pursue than settling on this dude who didn’t act like he loved me very much and having a “good job” that paid just enough to stay in debt but never get out of it. And definitely never travel anywhere without a strict budget. How fun.

I felt like it was all my fault and that I was to blame.

What I know now is,  I didn’t think that I was good enough the way I was, and that feeling was constantly being reflected back to me with money and with men. (Universal Law of Mirrors)

One day things began to change. Through a sequence of random events  I found Abraham- Hicks. I received about 50 hours of content on my ipod from a new friend. Yes, iPod. This was 2008.

They told me that my dreams and everything I wanted was possible for me. That the successful people I envied were not more special than me. They just understood something that I didn’t understand yet. That I could LEARN the laws of success and that I didn’t have to be born into them.

Finally! Someone was telling me what I wanted to hear. 

I listened to it non stop for months.

It was nourishment for my soul.  

I put my new knowledge to the test. I followed my childhood dream and moved to Los Angeles with dreams of massaging the people of Hollywood. 

Celebrities. Creatives. Athletes. Maybe Oprah! 

Long story short, within 8 months of working my manifestation processes I was in Lady Gaga’s hotel room, ready to give her a massage. 

And it did not end there. My dream came true, over and over, for 3 more years.

You are 42% more likely to reach your goals if they are written down.

  The subconscious mind is responsible for creating 95% of your reality.

  Nearly half the world (3.4 billion people) live on $5.50 a day according to The World Bank. If you are reading this on a smartphone, you are more rich than you are giving yourself credit for. 

  90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. Our brain thinks in pictures. That is why visualization is so important.

  92% of New Year goals fail by January 15th. This is because most of us are conditioned to change our external world (how much we spend, the food we eat, what we do with our time), without ever addressing the subconscious mind’s core beliefs + conditioned experiences.

  The truth is that there is an infinite supply of money on this planet.

    • 1 million seconds equals 11 and 1/2 days.
    • 1 billion seconds equals 31 years and 9 months. 
    • 1 trillion seconds equals 31,710 years.

Now think about that in dollars. There are 37 TRILLION dollars in circulation..

There are only 7.6 billion people. 

NOT ENOUGH IS A F*CKING LIE we are being told. It’s time to stop believing it and giving it any power over you.

This is exactly why I made the Worthy $ Wealthy Course. So that you can heal the past, and move into a future of your own design that is based on your truth and not lies we are told that keep us limited.

  Transform your relationship with money and receiving.

  Learn my 7 step process for manifesting. You can repeat this process over and over for everything you want to manifest in your life. 

  Learn the 12 Universal Laws of Manifestation inside and out so you fully understand the rules of the game.

  Learn how the subconscious mind works and the rules it follows. Once you know the rules, you can truly play the game. 

  Receive several energy healings to help you release the pain of the past. 

  Have someone who’s a few steps ahead on the same path to help guide you to where you want to be. Gina has been where you are, and knows the way out. 

  Rewire your subconscious mind for success.

  Make peace with the past so you can move forward- We will be doing inner child healing and shadow work.

  Unlearn a lot of misconceptions about manifestation. It’s not actually about being “high vibe” all of the time..

  Release any negative or clingy energy that is repelling money, love or other goals you have.

  Affirmations That Work Card Deck - ($22 Value)  print + cut affirmation deck to add structure to your rituals.

  2 TAO blessings for prosperity + abundance from Rachel Watkins - ($199 value) 

  Ticket to our Live Vision Board Workshop the week of July 11th- date to be voted for by you after signing up -  ($55 Value)

  Extra 1:1 Strategy Session coaching call - ($125 value)

  Access Self Love School 6 week self love course ($2,869 value) for the rest of 2022.

That’s $3,268 in bonuses!

This course would normally cost over $2,000, and will some day, but I am inviting a small group of 9 beta members to go to the training and healing work in real time as I create it for you for just 3 payments of $399

As a founding member we will work closely together for the next 8 weeks to give you everything you need to heal your money story, release energy that is repelling money, and give you every tool I have for manifesting, including my own proven 7 step process.