I am soooo happy you made it here…

Everything happens for a reason.

I remember a time in my life where I felt depressed, broke AF, and was always always always on a diet or body program of some kind.

As I was getting older, and making more bills but not making any more money despite getting more education, how hard I worked or how many jobs I had. (which was 4 at one point)

My relationships were not great… Looking back, I was always trying to be like someone else. Not sure who… just not Me. A skinnier girl, A more stylish girl, A smarter girl.

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“It’s crazy but these 6 weeks have helped me more than 10 years in therapy. I use to not even see the light at the end of the tunnel but after taking these classes I’m getting there. I know that there IS a light at the end for me. I have hope now and I know there’s a future for me and I will get there in time.”


“Since taking Self Love School I am able to forgive myself when I make a perceived mistake. I started reading again and journaling which I’ve always wanted to start. I am moving more and not getting angry with myself if I eat something that I “shouldn’t” be. For the first time I accept myself. I can look at myself in the mirror, full body and all, and i like who I am.”


Please read all of the following words in a loving tone because they were written with love and the highest intentions for you. You will not love what you see in the mirror until you unlearn patterns of judging, criticizing and being harsh with yourself. You will not get the love you deserve from another person until you feel worthy of being loved. You will not get the money you are wishing for until you feel worthy of having that amount of money and being taken care of financially.

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>>> You cannot find happiness outside of yourself. <<<

Massage & Medicupping

Solid Bloat, also known as cellulite, is full of stagnant lymph, blood & debris. Stagnation is found in muscles, in the skin layers & in the connective tissue. Solid Bloat is often caused by inflammation which leads to dehydration of the tissues & the inability of the lymphatic system to eliminate debris. The cups create a negative pressure to open the lymphatic system which allows the body to soften and drain the solid bloat. This treatment is like no other!!!

MediCupping can clear the body of old debris that has been accumulating, and the body has been storing to protect us.

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Card Readings

Card readings bring comfort and guidance when we most need it. You will get a mini life coaching session lead by the oracle deck I feel most guided to use for our session. It is my intention that you will get exactly what you need during our time together. These sessions are held on zoom or by phone… whichever you prefer.

30 mins: $45

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Renewed trust in yourself. Mindset shifts that will last. Confidence in yourself. Energy work. Personalized Affirmations. Progress. Love + acceptance for yourself. Moving forward in the direction you want to go. A higher vibration. My full love + support.

YES! I love payment plans. All courses can be purchased with  payment plan option. You can save a few bucks when you pay in full.

Well, I’ve never had anyone ask for one, and I do not think you will either. Because of the nature of this work I do not offer refunds. You are investing in yourself and your growth. That can be scary to the part of your brain (called the critter brain) that is designed to keep you safe. The critter brain might convince you to use any excuse to back out in an effort try to protect you (but it protects us so much it also keeps us playing small. Ever heard of self sabotage?!)  I am your coach. You are hiring me to support you in achieving your dreams, your healing, and to keep you heading towards where you want to go.

There are no refunds. Please make sure this is something you want to do when you enroll.

For Public School we will have virtual classes on Zoom. For private classes we also meet on zoom, but if you are local and prefer to meet in person, you can come to my studio.
To fully treat solid bloat and lymphatic detoxification a minimum of 2 times a week for 4 weeks is recommended.
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