Spiritual Weight Loss


12 Weeks of Healthy Body Vibes 

+ Ultimate Support

Is dreading the ‘getting dressed’ process the reason you say “No…” to things you’d like to do?

Do you feel that you are just not that girl who gets to be confident, sexy and free?

Are you wishing you could be stronger around food and just be the girl who loves going to the gym?

Do you feel guilty when eating non-meal plan food?

Do you find yourself searching for ways to look different, get a flatter stomach or a better body?

Do you desire to shed some weight but have never been very successful in this area?

You have to eat breakfast to jumpstart your metabolism 

*You’ve got to eat every 2-3 hours

*You should eat 5-6 meals a day

*You should eat 1200-1400 calories a day 

* You need 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables every day

* Fruit has too many carbs and should be avoided

* You need to exercise 4-5 times a week. You can’t just cardio- you need weights too!

* To lose weight you should just eat less and move more.

*If you’d just stop eating dessert you’d finally lose weight 

             * Juicing is the best way to lose weight and be healthy

 * Keto is the way to go. My friend lost 40 pounds in like 3 months

The truth is what works for one woman to lose weight is NOT what will work for all women.

We are all different!

That's why I founded

So, What is Spiritual Weight Loss?

First let me tell you what it's not.

It's not a diet.

There are no meal plans.

There is no counting calories

No tracking every bite you eat

And when you learn to trust and
listen to your body

You don't need all those gimmicks!

* Drop the body struggles once + for all

* Reframe your relationship to food + exercise

* Increase your confidence

* Understand how to become an energetic match for the body you want

* Clear the energy blocks that are holding you back from having it

* Heal your body on an emotional + energetic level

*Create healthy habits that feel good to you

* You sometimes think "if being healthy is this complicated... forget it!"

* Move past guilt, worry + shame when it comes to your food choices

* Have more energy + improved digestion

* 12 Video Modules- with unlimited replays!

* 3 VIP Breakthrough Coaching Sessions
with Gina
(45 minutes)

* 6 Bi-Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls via Zoom

* SWL Members Facebook Group where you can ask me anything + get support through 2019!

* Weekly Facebook Live Q+A

* Weekly Angel Card Readings

( $3500 value)

PLUS Limited Time Bonuses:

Bonus #1: Guided Visualization for Exercise  ( $35 value )

Bonus #2: Cord Cutting Meditation- to cut off energy cords that hold you back 
($35 Value)

EPIC Bonus #3: Own Your Gorgeous 
3o Day home study course 
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Module 1:
Crystal Clear

This week you will get crystal clear on what you actually want and why you want it. You’ll discover your Big MoFa (Big Motivating Factor) and create a vison for how you want to feel 8 weeks from now: Physically, Emotionally, Mentally + Spiritually.

Module 2:
Your Body Hears Everything

We are constantly creating our reality with what we say think and feel. In this module you’ll become aware of limiting thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back. From here on you will speak into existance that which you wish to become. 

Module 3:
The F Word Will Set You Free

Some of us are holding on to extra body weight we have built up as layers of protection we have built up, or kept since childhood. This is where you heal those emotional wounds and forgive. Because forgiveness is for YOU, not the other person. You deserve to set yourself free. 

Module 4
Balance your BS
(2 weeks)

Pro Tip: THE biggest needle mover in weight loss + good health is balancing your blood sugar. There are 7 ways to stay off the blood sugar roller coaster. As we condition these simple habits you’ll finally understand first hand HOW you can eat your favorite foods and not feel like you’re “off your plan.”  

Module 5:
Slow Your Roll + Raise Your Vibes

Constantly feeling stressed, anxious and rushing from one place to another puts our bodies in a fight or flight response and adrenal fatigue. This week we take your body into a rest + digest response. This is where real healing will begin as you incorporate slowing down into slaying the day.  

Module 6:
Honoring Hunger + Fullness

This is where you learn to tune into your body’s natural wisdom and communication. You will practice listening to your hunger cues + action steps to help you stop eating before you’re needing to unzip your jeans! 

Module 7:
Did You Say Exercise or Extra Fries?

Going to the gym is not for everyone. And it does not  have to be! In fact exercise does very little to help you lose weight.

Exercise has incredible benefits for the Mind, Body + Spirit but a lot of us have become resistant to it because of bad experiences or just not having ANY fun. So we’ve made ourselves wrong or labeled ourselves lazy when that’s not the case at all. 

Exercise will happen naturally as you see things differently because your body already craves movement. She does not crave intense, punishing exercise that leaves you in pain, with injuries, with adrenal fatigue or worse- a desire to never do that again!

Module 8:
Stop Self Sabotage

 Do you ever get to that point where you’ve been crushing this healthy lifestyle thing and all your clothes are fitting better? Life feels so good again but then… something happens (like always) and you end up right back where you started? This week you’ll discover which of the 3 ways you sabotage yourself so you can be aware of your own mind games and get over the hurdle next time.

Module 9:
Sensual Eating

This week is about engaging your senses while you eat! This practice brings so much enjoyment to the eating experience, you’ll be shocked at how much less guilt you feel when you embrace your food and enjoy it. You’ll also be shocked at how full you feel from this simple eating practice. 

Module 10:
What Are You Really Craving?

Have you ever rumaged the cabinets, and the fridge…and the freezer looking for something to satisfy you? Of course you have- We ALL have! The reason you can’t find what you want is because it’s not in there. This week we discover what would actually satisfy you and you’ll make 2 brand new menus to order from. 

Module 11:
Acknowledge Yourself

Most of us don’t acknowledge ourseleves enough. Giving + receiving acknowledgement is incredibly nourshing + motivating! Lots of little right actions on our journey are what creates big long term results. This week is about acknowledging + celebrating all you’ve accomplished!

I am so excited to help you release what's been holding you back from losing weight!

(yes, sometimes I work with men)