The Emotion Code Energy Work

As a Certified Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner, I work with your subconscious mind to find and release imbalances contributing to physical & emotional issues.

The subconscious is like a super computer that knows exactly what imbalances contribute to our suffering & what we need in order to heal.

 We can also determine the circumstances that created the imbalance, which shines light on past events that are still not fully processed.   

The Emotion Code is an extremely fast & efficient healing modality for releasing trapped emotions. The Body Code releases  many other imbalances like Post Hypnotic Suggestions, Mental Programming, Misalignments & Offensive Energies as in Entities, Energy Cords & Curses.

We can also install positive energy fields to raise your vibrational frequency once we've cleared some negative energy... it works both ways! 

My latest training is in releasing Oaths, Vows, Contracts & other Agreements that we have subconsciously put in place either in this lifetime or other lifetimes.

Example: an Oath of Sickness that keeps someone always having weight or health issues. A Vow of Poverty that blocks someone from ever having the abundance they are asking for. 

Sessions around 30-35 minutes and are done over Zoom, unless you prefer the phone.  


Packages + Pricing

 Package of 6   ...... $474

Package of 4   ...... $333

Single Session ..... $97