Own Your Gorgeous

Happiness will not start when you lose weight or when you look different than you do today.

 It starts in your mind- with how you see yourself + feel about yourself.

Your confidence, happiness + peace comes from within.

This 6 week course (recorded LIVE) is everything you need to know for embodying the confident side of youself. When you let go of the limiting beliefs that hold you back and begin you see yourself different



Spiritual Weight Loss

This 8 week course will guide you to heal the emotional blocks that have kept you stuck and unable to lose weight. It’s not all about calories in- calories out. I’ll give you the science AND the spiritual energetic components for weight loss that lasts. 

 Don’t let the name fool ya. This is not JUST about losing weight. This is about healing your body, mind and spirit so that you CAN lose weight.  



Next Step …

I say this with love… All the info in the world won’t do cuss words for you if you don’t put the information into ACTION. It’s what we do that makes the difference. Not what we know. 

If one of my courses is speaking to you then it’s proably for you. Go ahead… Act on it. 

XO, Gina