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“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…”

The life you are destined for doesn’t just happen by accident.  When you aim to do the inner work to heal, instead of looking outside yourself  (i.e. changing your body, getting a relationship, comparing yourself to another and feeling the need to be different ) … the sooner you will have the calm + peace + confidence + everything else you crave.

The results you get in life come from what you believe you deserve. We all have stories about why it can’t work for us. I need you to know these stories are not the truth about you. Not even close.

The truth about you is … there is nothing wrong with you.

The truth about you is … you have the power that created the universe inside of you.

The truth about you is … your worth cannot possibly be measured and cannot be reduced to a number on a scale, in a bank, or anywhere else.

The truth about you is … that there is a 1 in 4 trillion chance of you incarnating as this iteration of yourself.

The truth about you is … YOU ARE POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE

Self Love School is a 6 week course where I teach you everything I have learned about self love, self acceptance and all thing personal developement. Every single lesson in this course has helped me heal my body image, self worth and what I think I deserve in life to a level that I felt I have to share this with others.

You are worth investing in and I am certain this decision will serve you for years to come!


Create a new vocabulary for speaking about yourself. It is time to stop putting yourself down once and for all. Whoever’s negative voice that is stuck in your mind is not the real you. It is also not the loving voice of God/ The Universe/ or Your Higher Self.

Identify + Replace of all the lies and limitations you have bought into about yourself + how life is supposed to be. LIES!!!!

Spot your doubts + limiting thoughts, then swap them BEFORE they get out of control. I’ll show you how.

Show up with a whole new energy with your person, family + friends. The people in your life will notice the difference in your mood!

Get out of those Target yoga pants if that’s all you feel good in. You will be wearing clothes you haven’t felt good enough to put on in years!!

Heal the emotional wounds of the past regarding your body + self image that are holding you back from all of the above.

Recognize how much you are worth so you can finally stop settling for less than you deserve.

Stop shrinking yourself so other people feel comfortable around you

Experience less anxiety and stress.

Stop doubting + second guessing yourself all of the time. You will learn to TRUST your inner guidance and feel safe listening to it.

You will soon be seeing yourself in a whole new light!!!

Every person deserves to look in the mirror and like what they see.
You are no exception.
You can have that.
It is all a state of mind.

>> When The Student Is Ready, The Teacher Appears <<



Self Talk is what you say to yourself- outloud or silently. We all have a negative voice inside and some are louder than others. This week you’ll become aware of the unconscious thoughts you speak out loud, (or keep to yourself) how they are affecting your life and how to alter your emotional state with the words you speak.
What we give our attention to expands. This week you will be accountable to putting your attention + energy on the things you DO want. Most of us can explain very easily what we don’t want or no longer want to happen. We’re gonna change all that! Plus we will audit + clean up the messaging coming into your subconscious mind.
This week we’ll use your body language to take your confidence + energy to the NEXT next level!

How we use + move our body affects our mood.

This class will give you unlimited energy on demand and the confidence you need for any situation.

This week we identify the root of your emotional blocks + replace them with a new belief system that will serve you for the rest of your life. There’s no turning back after this… and you won’t want to!
You know how when you’re in love with someone you don’t really notice their flaws because you just love them so much you all you see is their amazingness? Think about your kid or your pet.

This week, you will begin to see yourself in that light, and love who you see looking back at you in the mirror.

You did it!!! In our closing ceremony we will reflect over the past few weeks + all the positive shifts that have happened.
You will be blown away as we look back to how life was when you started (now) and what a MASSIVE difference a few simple + subtle shifts have made in a short time. This is my favorite part because the vibes are so high at the closing ceremony.
You will see!!


❥ 6 Weeks of Live Group Coaching

We will meet on Zoom once a week for the LIVE weekly coaching. These calls are generally 45 mins-an hour.

Office Hours for Extra Support

I’ll be available on Zoom every First + Third Friday from 11:15-12pm CST. You can pop in to get extra support, ask a question, ask for energy clearing, an angel card, or whatever else would support you.

❥ The Course Slideshow

Each week you will get the course slideshow in a PDF so you can keep the lessons forever and revisit them whenever you need a refresher course.

❥ Printable Workbook

You will also get a printable workbook each week so you can make the most out of our time together. Since it is a printable PDF you can use it forever and reprint a new one to reuse whenever you want to!

❥ Lifetime Updates

Anytime I add a lesson or a bonus, you get it too, as long as you’ve completed that part of the course.


# 1. Visualization Bundle: 1. Abundance Now 2. Energy Cord Cutting 3. Priming Your Emotions

# 2. Morning Affirmation Audios: 1. I LOVE MY BODY audio 2. I AM WORTHY audio

# 3. Bonus Training: The Art of Calendaring- A digital calendaring system to maximize your time and have plenty leftover for you!

Are you ready for a life changing experience?

“Since taking Self Love School I am able to forgive myself when I make a perceived mistake. I started reading again and journaling which I’ve always wanted to start. I am moving more and not getting angry with myself if I eat something that I “shouldn’t” be. For the first time I accept myself. I can look at myself in the mirror, full body and all, and i like who I am.” ~ Maeghan

“My entire life I have been the master at negative self talk, esteem, self- HATE! I wasn’t good enough for me, so why would I ever be good for anyone else? During all of this chaos (2020) I began Self Love Life Coaching sessions with Gina and I cannot even begin to describe the change that has taken place within me; she and her courses have been a Godsend!!!” ~Jennifer
“After working with Gina I am more bold. I am speaking my mind and showing my sass! I am now not afraid to just be my weird crazy self with everyone I meet! I won’t always be their cup of tea and that’s OKAY! I don’t need everyone to like me. I need me to like me!.” ~Anna

“It’s crazy but these 6 weeks have helped me more than 10 years in therapy. I use to not even see the light at the end of the tunnel but after taking these classes I’m getting there. I know that there IS a light at the end for me. I have hope now and I know there’s a future for me and I will get there in time.” ~Corey

“I work on my book steadily. I put in the work and feel God guiding me to write the material I am called to write. I am forever grateful for Gina and her abundant toolbox she shared with me. Never EVER doubt investing in yourself!” ~Anna
P.S. THAT’S HER COMPLETED BOOK PROJECT!! (Click to purchase on Kindle)


  • 6 Weeks of 1 : 1 Private Self Love Coaching
  • Office Hours for Support Between Sessions
  • The Course Slides
  • Printable Workbook
  • Lifetime Updates
  • BONUS: Guided Meditation Bundle
  • BONUS: I AM Affirmation Audio Bundle
  • BONUS: The Art of Calendaring Training
  • Immediate Access to BONUSES!!