Self Love School is a transformational 6-week online course that is designed to help you love your body and every single part of yourself so you can embrace your assets and see your beauty.


Give me 6 weeks and I'll teach you to love your body!

- Do you only see negative things when you look in the mirror?

- Have you been feeling so down with yourself that you avoid your kids, partner or friends? And then feel guilty or shameful for isolating yourself and being "a bad" friend/mom/wife?

- Are you self-conscious and hate being in photos, or on zoom?

- Do you want to make peace with your body and love what you see in the mirror?

- Are you going through life pretending to be confident and happy, but nobody knows the struggle you deal with inside?

- Are you always critical of your body and call yourself names like fat, ugly, old?

- Are you putting your goals and dreams aside until you lose weight because you don't think you’re good enough in THIS body to start now? 


I get it

In my teen years, I asked for workout equipment I saw on infomercials for Christmas and was obsessed with working out, counting calories. and weighing portions.

When I was 21 and still dieting and working out to lose weight I saw a photo of myself at 15 and thought- I was in great shape. Look at my flat stomach. I didn’t need to lose weight back then! I was a teenage athlete in great shape.

At age 26 I saw a photo of myself at 21 and thought: I was in great shape. Look at my flat stomach. I didn’t need to lose weight back then! I was so beautiful.

This happened again when I was 32. I found old photos of me on my 29th birthday. I thought: I was in great shape. Look at my flat stomach. I didn’t need to lose weight back then! I was  gorgeous.


Wait, WTF?!?!


I thought, “I’ve been saying this for years. What If I’m beautiful now and I just don’t see it? I obviously couldn’t see it then. Why would I be able to see it now?

I vowed right then and there I was not going to waste another 5 years taking myself for granted.


Check out these statistics:

1. Dove®’s latest research found that just 4% of women worldwide consider themselves “beautiful”.

2. Over 50% of women agree that they’re their own worst critic.

3. By the time girls reach the age of 17, 78% will be “unhappy with their bodies.”

4. Over 70% of girls age 15 to 17 avoid normal daily activities, such as attending school, when they feel bad about their looks.

5. 7 in 10 girls believe that they are not good enough or don’t measure up in some way, including their looks, performance in school, and relationships with friends and family members.

6. A girl’s self-esteem is more strongly related to how she views her own body shape and body weight than how much she actually weighs

7. Self-affirmation activates the reward centers in your brain which fires up your neural pathways and makes changes to those areas of the brain that makes you happy and positive.  -Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience

8. There's a 1 in 4 trillion chance of becoming human. That's a fact. You have a purpose here. You are meant to enjoy your human experience. You are not meant to spend most of your time and energy on losing weight and being perfect.  


Does this resonate with you? I felt all of this in high school and I did not magically outgrow it.  


It wasn’t until my mid 30's when I learned how to love myself and forgive the people, systems and authorities who told me I was not good enough the way I was. 


This is the course I wish I had back then. 


Your relationship with your body and self image affects every relationship you have, and every goal you want to achieve… because YOU will be part of each relationship and each goal you ever have. 


Self Love School is a transformational 6-week online digital course that is designed to help you love your body and every single part of yourself so you can embrace your assets and see your beauty.

I made this popular course into an online digital course for 2022 moving forward to reach as many women as possible and make it accesible for everyone. 




 Design a personal self-care routine that has you taking care of your body, mind & spirit in ways that make you feel the best.

Release the past that told you that you were not good enough and deserving of what you most want. 

Like your reflection in the mirror… then fall in love with it!

Become less self-conscious. Embrace the body you have. Many students send me messages of wearing a bikini for the first time in years and feeling so free & cute & proud of themselves.

Show up with renewed energy for your partner, family & friends. 

Release guilt or shame about desiring more beauty & body confidence.

  Never again betray yourself for someone else’s comfort. Feel an inner strength to never again shrink yourself in order to manage someone else’s feelings.

Feel less overwhelm, anxiousness & stress because it is replaced with inner peace.


Love is the great miracle cure.  Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.

 When The Student Is Ready,

The Teacher Appears 




6 Pre-Recorded Video Trainings.... ($900 Value)

The video training sessions are pre-recorded. You have unlimited replays, and access to this course forever. You can watch in private or with your daughter and take the course together. 

 12 Weeks of Ongoing Support: 6 Office Hours Calls ....($720 Value)

I’ll be available for you on Zoom every 1st + 3rd Thursday from 6pm-6:45pm CST. You can stay the whole time or pop in to get a question answered, ask for an angel card, or whatever else would support you. These will not be recorded to honor everyones privacy.  

The Course Slides + Online Member Portal .... ($600 Value) 

By popular request each module will include a PDF of the course slides so you can keep the teachings forever and revisit them whenever you need a refresher course.

Transformation Workbook .... ($200 Value)

You will also get a printable PDF workbook for each module so you can use it now for this course, and also use it later when you want to revisit a lesson or go deeper with the material.

❥❥❥ PLUS $463 IN BONUSES!!! ❥❥❥


1. One Ticket:    ....($50 Value)  

for the February New Moon Ceremony Ceremony Monday, Feb 1st, 

2. Audio Affirmation Bundle: .... ($22 Value) 

1. I LOVE MY BODY recorded affirmations

2. I AM WORTHY recorded affirmations

3. Guided Meditation Bundle: ... ($44 Value) 

Abundance Now - go from stressed to blessed in less than 15 minutes with this abundance mindset meditation.

Energy Cord Cutting Sleep Meditation - An energy cord is an inherently negative direct connection between 2 peopleTo release the negative energy between you and another, cord cutting is extremely useful.

Self Love Subliminal- This longer audio has affirmations under the meditation music. This is so that your concious mind will not reject the affirmations, so they can become your truth. Script included so you know what's being said. Perfect to fall asleep to. 

4. Affirmation Card Deck .... ($11 Value) 

print + cut affirmation deck to add structure to your AM/PM routine

5. EFT/ Tapping for Self Love: .... ($97 Value) 

Learn the Emotional Freedom Technique as a self-healing tool that will soothe your nervous system and rewire your negative subconscious beliefs.


 6. SIX Week Membership to Megan's Yoga Tribe  ($45+ Value) 

Megan's Yoga Tribe is an online yoga, pilates + barre studio with over 500 online classes to choose from in the privacy of your own home. The passionate instructors are KCMO locals. Megan has generously offered January SLS students a 6 week trial membership absolutely free of charge! You will receive this in Module 3.

7. TWO Body Code Collective Energy Healings- ($194 Value)  I will now be doing 2 collective energy healings to clear the energetic blocks to low self worth, and root cause of negative body image."  These will take place around week 2 and week 5.


TOTAL VALUE - $3,346  

This course is normally 4 payments of $297 BUUUUT....





$159 x 2




6 Pre-Recorded Video Trainings

6 Office Hours- Support Calls over 12 weeks

Transformation Workbooks

The Course Slides + Online Member Portal

Self Love Facebook Community- peer support group

BONUS: Ticket to New Moon Ceremony  Feb 2nd 

BONUS: Affirmation Card Deck: print + cut

BONUS: Guided Meditation Bundle

BONUS: EFT/ Tapping for Self Love w/ Script

BONUS: Audio Affirmations Bundle



$333 x 3


All Features + Bonuses as above, except we will meet 1:1 on Zoom. You will also have the video course.

BONUS: Package of 4 Body Code Energy Healing Sessions

BONUS: Welcome Box



Course starts on Feb 4th!