Self Love Coaching w/ GG

This is what I know for sure

Happiness will not start when you lose weight or when you look different than you do today.

 It starts in your mind- with how you see yourself + feel about yourself.

Your personal confidence, happiness + peace comes from within.

It took me years of trying, failing, seeking, studying, experimenting until I finally got it.

Self Love is the key to a happy life.

Whether it’s your body, relationships, intimacy, money, or having a job you love going to…

 It all starts with what you believe you deserve + what you believe you are worthy of.

The more you love + accept yourself – the more you will believe you are worthy of great things:

Your health, your body, in relationships, with money, at work, with friends, + everywhere else.

I am here to support you in getting to a place where you feel like the woman you know you could be.

You already ARE her. You just haven’t given yourself permission to BE her…yet.

In this course you will:

* Be able to get naked, look in the mirror, and say- “I Love You!”
* Have a whole new vocabulary for the way you speak and think about yourself!
* Proudly OWN all that amazingness you’ve been hiding.
* Walk into the room like a woman who obviously loves herself.
* Heal past emotional wounds around your self image +body that are holding you back from all of the above.
* Build up your self-worth so you can stop settling for less than you deserve
* Stop dumbing yourself down so other people feel comfortable.
* Get comfortable standing in your power.
* Get out of those Target yoga pants because that’s all you feel good wearing

Then THIS is what you’ve been asking for!


What We’ll Cover:


Week 1: The One About Self Talk

Self Talk is what you say to yourself- outloud or silently. We all have a negative voice inside and some are louder than others. This week you’ll become aware of the unconscious thoughts you speak outloud, (or keep to yourself) how they are affecting your life and how to altar your emotional state with the words you speak. 


Week 2: The One About Energy

This will be a mini lesson in law of attraction + manifesting. We will discuss the energetic frequency of a beautiful, confident woman + how to embody that frequency. Plus we will audit + clean up the messaging coming into your subconcious mind.


Week 3: The One About Physiology

How we use our body affects how we feel. Does a sad person have tall posture, bright eyes, and a smile? NO. You can pretty much tell how a person is feeling from across the room based on their body language. 

This week we’ll use your body language to take your confidence + energy to the NEXT next level!

📝 ⚡️

Week 4: The One With The Emotional Detox

This week we identify the root of your emotional blocks + release them to clear emotional 

space so your new identity can take form. 


😍  🤳🏽  🥰

Week 5The One With The Mirror Work

You know how when you’re in love with someone you don’t really notice their flaws because you just love them so much you all you see is their amazingness? Think about your kid or your pet. Yes, That kind of unconditional love. 

This week, we are going to start seeing ourselves in that light. You will never look at yourself the same way!



Week 6: The One Where We Celebrate!

You did it!!! In our closing ceremony we will reflect over the past 6 weeks and all the positive shifts that have happened. You will be blown away as we look back to how life was 6 weeks ago (now) and what a MASSIVE difference few simple + subtle shifts have made in a short time. This is my favorite part because the vibes are so high at the closing ceremony. You’ll see!!


🧘🏻‍♀️ 💆🏻‍♀️ 🙏🏼

BONUS #1: Design Your Self Care Routine

This training will guide you in designing your own personal 15-30 minute self care routine for every part of you:

Mind – Body + Spirit



BONUS #2: Time of Your Life: The Art of Calendaring

This calendaring system is such a great way to not just manage but organize + prioritize your time.  Putting yourself on the list will become easier + manageable because we will also talk about creating boundaries. When you are a happy + fulfilled- cup running over kind of woman everyone else in your life benefits from you being well + fulfilled. They deserve you at your best!



✔ 6 Live Group Video Trainings -yours for keeps!

We’ll hop on Zoom once a week (Wednesdays at 6pm CST) for the LIVE weekly training.

It will be recorded and you will get the recording to keep + replay as much as you like. 

It’s hard to say how long the training call will be because I will stay on the call as long as it takesto answer all questions 

and until it feels complete. (But probably about 60-90 mins)

✔ Facebook Group + Extra Support

Daily access to me where you can ask questions + confidently share your wins, plus connect with other women who

support you on the tough days + cheer you on when you’re winning.

✔ Printable Worksheets

You’ll get whatever materials you need to get the most out of this course. They will vary each week with things like journal prompts, action checklists, + affirmations to recite, etc…

✔ Lifetime Updates

Anytime I add a lesson or update this course,  you get the new version to self study for free + will be eligible to

 join the live course at a deeply discounted rate. 

2017 + 2018 STUDENTS: You are invited to participate in the 2019 live group course at a discounted rate of $97




✔ Bonus:  The Art of Calendaring video 

This is where we carve out that “me time!” you’re craving. We’re gonna check your priorities + adjust your calendar accordingly.

We will talk about creating boundaries + we’ll geek out together with calendar organization

✔ Bonus: Design Your Self Care Routine video 

✔ Bonus:  Visualization Bundle

3 Guided Visualizations to reprogram your mindset + focus your thoughts towards confidence, abundance + gratitude.

  1. Energy Cord Cutting   2. Priming Your Emotions   3.  Abundance Now 


🎁   BONUS GIFT  🎁  

for the NEXT THREE people to choose the PAY IN FULL option!! 

Anna Davis

"I work on my book steadily. I put in the work and feel God guiding me to write the material I am called to write. I am forever grateful for Gina and her abundant toolbox she shared with me. Never EVER doubt investing in yourself!"

Anna Rivas

"After working with Gina I am more bold. I am speaking my mind and showing my sass! I’m now not afraid to just be my weird crazy self with everyone I meet! I won’t always be their cup of tea and that’s OKAY! I don’t need everyone to like me, I need me to like me!"



Follow Your Heart!!! (like…now)  

That feeling you are feeling right now – the one that says: “This looks amazing and is exactly what I need” and ” What if THIS is the thing I’ve been asking for all this time?” You should act on it BEFORE the other voice takes over. (The downer voice that says not to. Says this is dumb and probably wouldn’t work anyway so why even try?” THAT voice is the worst. 😣