Hi! I’m Gina

Short Story Time: I remember a time in my life where I felt depressed, broke AF, and was always always always on a diet or body program of some kind.

As I was getting older, and making more bills but not making any more money despite getting more education, how hard I worked or how many jobs I had. (which was 4 at one point)

My relationships were not great… Looking back, I was always trying to be someone else. Not sure who… just not Me. A skinnier girl, A more stylish girl, A smarter girl.

And guess what! I never felt good enough as I was and I attracted men who would mirror my ‘not enoughness’ right back to me.

At age 28, the beginning of my Saturn Return, I could feel something in me wanting to do more and be more, but how? Nobody I knew back then was into personal development. It sounded silly, and honestly, I was embarrassed to admit I had dreams, that I wanted more from life and that I actually thought I might give it a go.

One thing led to another and 2 years into my massage therapy career I ended up selling all of my belongings and I moved to Los Angeles with a dream of massaging celebs, working on set, and living with the palm trees.

It was scary to leave everything and everyone I had ever known and it didn’t make a lot of sense but I just had this voice saying, “Go. This is your time.” So I went. it was the first time REALLY following my intuition + not listening to what anyone else thought about my decision.

After I moved away some very cool things happened. I was able to meet myself for the first time. I was showing people who I was, and they just believed me because they didn’t know any different. I was free to be me! I didn’t even know what that meant but I thouroughly enjoyed figuring it out.

In LA my self discovery journey took a quantum leap! Within 7 months my dreams were all coming true! I was working for 2 agencies that sent me to celebrity clientele. I was making more money in less hours. I was living with the palm trees and loving every minute of my life.

I tell you this story because I know how scary + uncertain it is to make a big change. I remember what it’s like to stare in a mirror and criticize everything I saw. To second guess every one of my ideas and decisions. To essentially let other people’s opinions about me be louder than my own.

And I also know what it’s like to finally say “Enough is enough. I’m done with this old way! I’m ready for something new” and come out the other side as a person who freaking did it.

I’ve had many growth periods since this story took place.

I have grown on my own and grown within live seminars, private coaching and group courses. To me, It feels even safer and easier to transform when we are supported and encouraged along the way, and when we have a peer group who is on the same track, heading in the same direction!

I would love to be that support system for you or your teen.


My intention is to empower women, men + teens to start living the life you want NOW, and not in the future when you think you will then be good enough, smart enough, thin enough etc. I want you to know that YOU ARE ENOUGH RIGHT NOW and anything that tells you otherwise is a lie or an illusion. I do this through my life coaching courses, spiritual card readings, energy healing, and massage therapy.

Can’t wait to work with you!1

XO, Gina